One book's perfect ending


Writing a book isn't easy, but the payoff can be enormous.

I worked with Allison Rimm, a Boston strategic planner and life coach, to create a book proposal that would capture both her expertise and her joyful voice.

We labored to find the structure that would make it easy for readers to create a strategic plan for their lives. And we worked just as hard to find the right tone and spirit.

When the proposal was finally finished, and I handed over the keys to the book, Allison sent me this note:

"My book proposal wouldn't be any where as strong as it is without you and your expert guidance.  In a funny way, watching you write helped me find my own voice for a new audience.  I am profoundly grateful to you for the wonderful luxury of shopping around a proposal that I truly feel reflects what I want to get across with so much quality that I am proud to share it. "

Allison sold the book to a publisher whose vision lined up with hers, and she set about writing the book herself. I got this jubilant note from her after the book came out:

"I'm so grateful for our time together and for what you taught me along the way. It was a tough process, but in the end, I got what I wanted: the ability to convey my material and personality all in my own voice. You guided me through the process of organizing my mountains of material and presenting it in a way that was easy to understand, accessible and relatable.

This comment came in recently from someone I’ve never heard of. His words are exactly what I was hoping to achieve, so I’m absolutely thrilled:


“Allison, I purchased your book a week ago and I must say, It is excellent. Your compassion, intelligence and wisdom shine throughout your writing. Yes, the exercises are challenging but for me, they have really made a difference in how I view myself in the world. I can't wait to read more of the book.” 

That's the reward for all the time, money, imagination, belief and energy that go into finishing a book: Having the impact you know you can have. Changing people's lives.


recent BOOks and clients include:



Roger Love, performance coach: Set Your Voice Free, second edition, Little Brown, 2016. Techniques for better speaking, singing and presentations, from Hollywood's top vocal coach.

Charles Garfield, psychologist and best-selling author: Life's Last Gift: Giving and Receiving Peace When a Loved One Is Dying, Central Recovery Press, 2017. A practical, compassionate guide for staying present, and being of service, during the dying time.

Rabbi John Rosove, senior rabbi, Temple Israel of Hollywood: Why Judaism Matters: Letters of a Liberal Rabbi to His Children and the Millennial Generation, Jewish Lights, 2017. Bringing ancient faith and philosophy into the future.

Arlene Drake, Ph.D., psychologist, Carefrontation: Breaking Free From Childhood Trauma, Regan Arts, 2017. A groundbreaking approach to treating the wounded child who never healed.

Gary J. Friedman, mediator: Inside Out: How Conflict Professionals Can Use Self-Reflection To Help Their Clients, American Bar Association/Harvard University Project on Negotiation. Digging below the surface of conflict to address the emotions that drive it.

Susan Forward, Ph.D., psychologist and best-selling author: Mothers Who Can't Love, Harper, 2013: Insights and advice for women with mothers who could not love them. A new classic.

Mel Zuckerman, founder, Canyon Ranch: The Restless Visionary, a memoir, and Mel's Tips for Healthy Living, self-help. Wisdom, inspiration and lifestyle medicine from a innovator and thought leader in the field of wellness.

Henry J. Caruso, founder, Dollar Rent A Car: Driven, a memoir. The story of a global empire, built from one car, and one man's relentless drive.

Dr. Heidi Memmel, breast surgeon: Your Breasts Aren't Ticking Time Bombs, breast cancer prevention strategies.  Early detection isn't enough when it's possible to cut cancer risk in half. A manual for saving women's lives.

Leonia Kallir Kurgan, psychotherapist: A Crowd of One, a memoir: How a family's flight from Poland to South Africa during World War II, and its readjustment afterward, shaped one woman's life.

David Giuliano, business and life coach: Choose Connection, incisive tools for cutting through business and personal problems by building deep connections to the self and others. 

Dr. Rebecca Boxer, geriatrician: Mom Won't Eat Right:, Dad Won't Eat: Health and nutrition strategies to end the food fights that come as aging parents adjust to new realities.

Dr. Sandy Feldman, ophthalmologist: Savvy, sexy and 20-20, a woman's guide to taking care of her eyes.

Arleen Torres, writer: La Sleeping Beauty, a memoir. A harrowing, poetic story of migrant work, abuse, transformative dreams, and healing.